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Reaching out and helping those in my community is one of my primary goals. In the past, I have served with the technical production team with multiple churches, notably with Christ Community Church in St. Charles, IL. As a high school student I was a member of a Housegroup, part of their Mosaic program for high school students, and while in school and for some time after assisted with the filming of video sermons, organizing of events, and with website/graphic design. I also regularly assisted with weekly sermon technical support, such as filming messages for DVD sales and auditorium sound and lighting control. Christ Community Church's positive message and connection in the community resonates with me deeply, and providing technical assistance to many of their programs was one way that I could show my support.

Currently, while not involved in a technical sense, I am involved with my community through local government via the Wayne Township Democratic Party, which serves a large portion of DuPage County, IL. I have supported my local government by assisting with holding monthly meetings, supporting grass roots political movements and candidates by running for Precinct Committeeman, and assisting with other special events such as the Summer Issue Canvass. The ideals upheld by the Wayne Democrats are something that I strongly believe in, especially in a more conservative area of my state and county, so it is very important to me to help uphold my values and reach out to people in my community.

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