About Fixers

Fixers is a rules light science fiction RPG with a focus on storytelling and creative thinking.

In an alternate timeline, life on other planets exists and thrives, created by the mysterious Maker. Humanity, his finest creation, is among the last species in the galaxy to technologically advance to the space age and reap the bounty set forth by their creator; he has long since departed, but the galactic community welcomes them nonetheless, and gives them a seat at the table of the Commonwealth of Creation. A veritable garden of Eden is laid out before them, with dozens of lush planets filled with anything the mind desires... but corporate greed knows no limits, and the tightly woven fabric of space-time is torn in an effort to escape the limits of this dimension and its limited natural resources. The Break changed everything - once habitable planets have their poles reversed, resulting in harsh climate changes and the deaths of the billions of sentient lifeforms living there, and making interstellar travel incredibly dangerous. Additionally, the anomaly has mutated the cells of many individuals, granting them strange and terrible powers, with little control over their use. Many of these Breakers, as they are known, have turned to crime syndicates or terrorist groups, and the Commonwealth has found itself without an army, or even the means to send support to places in need. Players take the role of Fixers - mercenaries used to the life of a drifter, whose sole mission is to subdue the Breakers, shut down any illegal activity, and right any wrongs that go against their moral code. They are the last hope of restoring peace to the galaxy, and fixing what has been broken.

Key Features

Fixers is extremely easy to pick up and play. A group of 4-6 players is recommended, and all you'll need are a handful of standard six sided dice, some pencils, and some paper. One player is the Game Master, who leads the other players through a pre-written adventure or one that they have created themselves. Players will choose five skills for their character, narrowly focused quirks or features that they might have (such as marksmanship, bartering, or computer hacking skills), and two traits, which are more broad definitions of character, typically one word descriptive terms like "smart" or "strong". There is no pre-generated list of skills or traits, nor is there a right or wrong way of choosing them; as long as you can think of a way to apply your character's skills to a situation, and justify it to the Game Master, you'll get a bonus to your dice roll. This means that as long as a player is creative, bad luck is the only game mechanic they will have to fear.

The gameplay of Fixers is simple - like a typical pen-and-paper RPG, the Game Master leads the players through an adventure, and the players take turns deciding what they want to do. Tasks are resolved using a number of dice equal to the relevant character stat, plus the number of relevant skills or traits - the highest dice is your result, and each roll of a "6" beyond the first adds to your total. Depending on what you rolled will determine your success, and how great of a success it is.

Character sheets and a 33 page quick-start handbook can be found here.

Project highlights

  • Easy to Play - requires only dice found in common board games and the imagination to play.
  • User Friendly - players new to RPGs and veterans of AD&D can play together without fear of a gap in experience.
  • Rules Light - a short rulebook means players don't have to memorize thousands of intricate rules - play to have fun, not to crunch numbers.
  • Total Freedom - the setting used as a springboard for this game system is yours to do with as you please. Create fantastic new worlds and new friends (and enemies) to populate them
  • Open Source - the game system is free to use, and can easily be applied to any setting for any role-playing game.
  • Tell Your Story - create your unique character, and live through them the way you choose.