Incorruptible is a turn-based RPG concept that reawakens the critical thinking elements found in text based role-playing games of decades past, and artfully combines them with the elements of modern strategy games. Assemble a team of heroes and choose from dozens of abilities, spells, and trinkets to smite your foes.


Incorruptible is beginning its life as a tabletop game, in order to test the combat system that is its main allure. The unique tabletop card design will carry over to the digital version of the game when it is produced. The final goal for the digital version is to allow the player to choose a team of heroes as they progress through the game, meeting new heroes along the way - different bosses and areas will unlock depending on which heroes you bring with you, but players can swap team members out at any time. Each hero will have 8 abilities that they can create custom loadouts for, to further expand upon the strategic elements presented.

Character Gallery

Here are a few of the sample characters created for the prototype version of Incorruptible. Number values and abilities are subject to change.

The world of Incorruptible

In Incorruptible, the player's character has been thrust into the titular role of the Incorruptible, a fabled hero who, where he lacks in strength, makes up for with a caring heart and a brilliant mind. The heroes with whom the player will make their journey have their own reasons for allying with and protecting the Incorruptible - whether it be personal glory, the promise of riches beyond belief, or the desire to help a childhood friend fulfill their destiny, all of the characters in Incorruptible have something at stake, and it is up to the player to prove they are worth following. But the need for the Incorruptible is unclear; if a dark pact has been made on the far end of the world, or if an ancient evil has awoken from its long slumber, or if a corrupt ruler has waged war upon the innocents of Armarel, it has gone entirely unnoticed.

Incorruptible takes place in the fantasy realm of Armarel - a land once strong and thriving on the mana flowing through its soil; but over many centuries, magic has all but drained away, and a steadily encroaching darkness has begun to sweep over the world.

The Brothers Three

A series of multiple islands, collectively named for three ancient Dwarven lords, brothers whose hatred for one another knew no bounds. They hoarded their treasures in secret vaults across the land, knowing one day the others would come looking for it – it is said that the island was once whole, a great and prosperous continent, but their distrust for each other drove the islands apart. Armistice stands in the middle of the now separated land, a meeting place in which each of the lords slew each other during an attempt to barter for peace - it stands as a subtle reminder of the pact they forswore. Dwarven settlements sprang up in the lowlands surrounding the great mountain keeps in the following years, but few adventurers have gained access to the vaults themselves – and fewer have lived to tell the tale.

Evernight, Realm of the Winterborn

The northmost part of the great continent of Armar, whose furthest peaks earn the land its name: daylight is sparse, and during the long, harsh winters, the Night Eye maintains its cruel gaze for weeks at a time. Only the heartiest of peoples dare come here, but those that choose to visit are greeted with hospitality, a rich culture, and an opportunity for gold. Commerce thrives in the Farport, the final stop for most trade vessels, with fishing and whaling abound. Hrydstvald is the home of the Seekers and their vast knowledge of the world – but stray too far from any town, and you’ll be reminded that nature still owns the north. The harsh environment, combined with an abundance of ravenous monsters, including the especially dangerous Werewolf clans, mean that only the most alert and prepared adventurers would dare to travel these frigid lands.

The Golden Steppe

A prosperous land near Lake Odrenov (named for the Prophet Who Found Peace), the Golden Steppe is a dry, hilly region named for its tall, golden grasses. For the most part, the land is left to nature, but many settlements can be found in the surrounding regions of the High Temples, scattered across the Steppe. These temples house the monks of the Peacekeeper Brotherhood, who spend their days preparing themselves (in mind, body, and soul) for the Sundering, an event which they say will bring about chaos the likes of which Armarael has never known. When this event will occur, none are certain, but the Peacekeepers are certain that they will be ready for it. The High Temple Saalim is mainly compromised of the snake-like Kaasatha, who tend to prefer solitude - and are rarely disturbed due to rumors of cult-like sacrifices made in honor of the Prophet. The High Temple Hashir is perhaps the most famous in the region for its monks who are sent on holy pilgrimages throughout Armarael, to study the world and help those in need.

The Iron Shores

The western coast of Armar, and the region which produces the most vile and despicable people ever seen. Once the trade center of the West, the Iron Shores are now a desolate place filled with pirate kings and slavers. The large, tightly-packed mountain range that separates the shores from the Low Hills is filled with iron-mines, the largest of which can be found in Rockside, used to make terrible weapons and firearms and the only thing keeping the Iron Shores on the map. The Sea of Turmoil is filled with depth-dwellers most foul, and above the waters sail crude vessels who aim to plunder and pillage any ship that dares cross their gaze. Tidewater is a sprawling island city that knows no law, and lets illicit trade flow freely – Armaran people have a saying: "If you’re searching for something, and it can’t be found in Tidewater, it isn’t worth finding." Likewise, the kingdom of Rockside was fashioned from an ancient mountain keep, but laws and morals are a rather gray area.

The Low Hills

The swampy valley between the Iron Shores and the tall peaks of Dragonsmaw. The Low Hills are a dangerous place, with thick forests and fog-filled swamps packed with terrible creatures, most of which have gained an unnatural taste for flesh. It is said that long ago, a terrible curse was placed on the land by some great wizard, and as a result the flora and fauna have turned against mankind, but the Bright City has no knowledge of this. The denizens of the Low Hills are wise not to trust guests, as only the most foolish people would wander through the land – but for those who wish to cross the Stubborn Sea or reach the Golden Steppe in a timely manner, without fear of pirates from the Shores or the beasts of Dragonsmaw, it is a necessary journey. Czarnosc is a regular stop for this trip, but is a swamp town bathed in mystery and darkness, as is Nozhgorod, a fortress who maintains bridges across the unruly rivers.

The Cauldron of Dragonsmaw

A volcanic wasteland, named for the large ring of treacherous mountains that forbid entry to all but the best adventurers and explorers. Dragonsmaw is home to the beastmen, a race of intelligent, bloodthirsty animal-like creatures of all sorts - whose violent culture is not well received. As a result, they are banished to their wasteland domain, and very few are seen outside the Cauldron itself. Cities like Bonesplinter and Speartooth allow people of all races to enter and trade, but the strict laws in these regions mean that death will quickly follow any who are ill-prepared for the strange culture. The Scarred Lands to the south make a habit of slaying any beasts who dare to stray too far from their territory, and as a result, a constant state of near-civil war exists between Man and Beast.

The Jagged Coast

The eastern coast of Armar, a peninsula with a large mountain range running through most of its middle section. The Jagged Coast is home to most of Armarael’s human population, though people of all races call their cities home. Prosperity, the Shining City, is the capitol of the continent, ruled by the Blackwood family for many generations – though the city itself requires a royal decree to live in or a pass to enter, the surrounding region is filled with settlements and towns that house the content population of subservient people. Trade is abundant, and the environment is safe for people to pass unharmed wherever they please. The port cities of Gil and Northshore act as trade hubs for their respective surrounding regions, and Baymoor is home to many huntsmen who dare to brave the Wyrmwood for grand sport – but the Black Bay is a dangerous place, and cities along its banks are filled with superstition for good reason.

The Isle of Caledor

A large island to the south west, separated from the main continent by the Rumford Channel, and the home of the Halflings. Caledor is a diverse island with many unique environments, from stinky swamps to tall mountains to lovely fields of green – and the Halflings wouldn’t have it any other way. Other races will bring their wares for trade to cities on the water like Farwatch and Springwood, but the small folk typically want for nothing beyond their homes and gardens. The land is largely free of deadly flora and fauna, but the vast forests and twisty peaks still invite adventurers from all over the world for a chance to explore the unknown. The swamps are home to a people called the K’thk, an insect people who keep to themselves as well, but aren’t so keen on unwelcome guests. The K’thk often venture out into the world to trade cities to sell their beautiful colored carvings, but their inability to verbally communicate with other races makes things difficult.

The Scarred Lands

A desolate wasteland south of the Middle Sea. Characterized by its large, jagged mountains and rivers (many of which have dried up) that run in sharp, winding paths across the flat earth, The Scarred Lands are home to many of the surviving Dwarven peoples of Armarael. While hungry beasts of all persuasions roam the mountainside, the dry environment is typically the only hurdle that must be overcome to survive here. The Dreadland Hold hunts down the beastman who stray too far from Dragonsmaw, and maintains the peace throughout the vast majority of the unsettled desert. While the Scarred Lands are filled with multiple fortresses and castles, The Steelhall holds the current Dwarven throne, and Armada to the south is the largest free city on the continent, home to people of all races, as well as a plethora of trade from across Armarael.

The Shattered Isles

A series of multiple smaller islands, and the original home of the Elves. The Elvish people, while not outwardly racist towards others, prefer to live by themselves, and as a result, most live out their long lives amongst their own kind. Unlike elsewhere in the world, the mountains of the Shattered Isles are largely uninhabited, as the Elves prefer the grasslands near seas and lakes for their ornate castles and keeps. The grand, gleaming kingdoms of Mal Elora, Aldora, and Shalanir are home to the Noble Houses – a group of scholarly brotherhoods which study diverse arts of magic and combat, and whose members (not exclusively Elvish) are subjected to grand trials and tribulations for even a slight chance of gaining entry. The city of Ith is home to a grand bazaar, where the finest silks and jewels are bought and traded – alongside more lucrative wares such as slaves and blood magics.