NOTE: The Bureau of Balance Requisitions Office catalogues and stores  magical items that do not exceed the Individual Power Threshold (as defined in B.o.B. Ordinance 206.47b). These artifacts are available for field agents to purchase with gold allotted to them by the Director based on previous field performance (as described in the B.o.B. Agent Compensation Policy, Section 31.d).

Prices on all catalogued items are subject to change without notice, and items may be removed from the catalogue without notice. Items are unique unless otherwise stated. Items with the "Consumable" keyword have a finite number of uses, and repair or reconstruction of any item cannot be guaranteed by Bureau artifcers. Artifacts obtained from the Requisitions Office are nonrefundable, nontransferable, and have no gold value outside of the Bureau of Balance. At the discretion of the Acting Requisitions Officer, field agents may be permitted additional gold allowance via the trade-in of existing artifacts or the completion of any tasks assigned by the A.R.O.

-Acting Requisitions Officer Garfield Goldheart


NOTICE: Bureau officials can, at any time and without notice, withhold requisition funds from agents. Officials are not required to disclose the reason for these requests to the affected agents.


Current requisition budget: 1500 Gp


new items

special buys


NEW LOW PRICE: 1,000,000gp