Unity Projects

In order to properly server the Oddity team, I required a certain level of understanding with C# and the Unity editor in general. I spent a few weeks creating sample projects, and creating scripts to allow those projects to stand along as working titles. Below are some of the C# scripts I wrote for two of these projects, Angry Tanks and Metal Sphere Solid.

Acquired skills

  • Geometric Level Design - While this knowledge is displayed in a significantly more robust fashion through my Unreal 4 projects, these Unity projects were the beginning of my foray into real 3D level design. I learned a lot about myself as a designer through these simple projects, and although they themselves are not capable of standing alone here in my portfolio, I still value the knowledge I gained by creating them.
  • C# Scripting - As a designer, being versatile through art, programming, and design itself is extremely important - learning the basics of scripting so that I can in turn utilize that knowledge for my own projects down the line, and for projects I work on within the industry. Having an understanding of why game engines work the way they do, and being able to perform that work myself, is paramount to my future success.
  • Programming Etiquette - Prior to completing these projects, I had no regard for the use of comments or proper programming etiquette when writing lines of code. Through these projects, I gained a newfound appreciation for these concepts, and implemented them in my own work wherever possible. Going back now and seeing the comments written for my scripts from two years ago drives home the necessity for properly commented code, and how important it is when working with team members on a project of any scale.

Angry tanks - first person shooter scripts

Angry Tanks is a physics based first-person shooter. In Angry Tanks, the player must use their tank's cannon to push a large ball around each level towards the goal, while avoiding obstacles that the player nor the ball itself can cross. Using a charge-based shot system, the player can hold down the left mouse button to charge up their cannon, and release it with increasing power based on the duration the mouse was held. This script was designed and implemented in each of the game's levels. Angry Tanks is available for download here.

metal sphere solid - spotlight scripts

For Metal Sphere Solid, a first-person stealth project, I wanted to implement spotlights that would move on tracks throughout the large warehouse-like level. I wrote this script and implemented it twice on each spotlight; once in its basic format that would give the player a "strike", causing them to lose a life if they were caught by the sensor that matched the angle of the spotlight itself, and another that simply plays a warning noise when the player enters its field of vision - with just a slightly larger radius than the light itself, to give players a chance to run away if they're close to being spotted. Metal Sphere Solid is composed of one large level, but features over a dozen of these spotlights to engage the player and give them an obstacle as they move throughout the level collecting items to progress. Metal Sphere Solid is available for download here.