Here are the results of my foray into visual scripting with Unreal 4. Over the course of five weeks, I created five projects of increasing complexity that tested my skills as a designer and created some interesting levels that are packed with interactive gameplay elements. Below are a few short video overviews of these levels, as well as a gallery of high resolution screenshots showing different angles of each level. Enjoy!

Acquired skills

  • Level Design - Using geometric space with as little reliance on outside static meshes and animations as possible, while still creating a level that flows and plays properly. These five levels, small though they may be, tested my sense of space when creating a level and helped me to understand the limitations of an engine without relying on art assets.
  • Blueprint - Using Unreal's visual scripting system to create working levels with interactive objects, goals, and Matinee animated sequences. Prior to creating these works, my experience with visual scripting (and scripting in general) was quite limited; moving step by step in this manner gave me a huge confidence boost in understanding how video game levels are created, why designers take the steps they take in creating great levels, and the know-how to create unique scripted scenes for my own projects.



Here is a gallery of images taken from a UDK 3 level titled "The Warehouse". Thislevel demonstrates the use of static meshes in a tightly populated level, minimizing empty space while leaving a natural, non-linear flow to the level's layout.